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Puliyagore Gojju – A festival dish from Karnataka’s kitchens!

The word for Iyengar can be replaced by Puliyagore. The ‘puli’ word in the South means tamarind and ‘ogare’ word means rice. Gojju is the paste which is used to mix them.

 This is a famous rice dish from the bottom of the India, Karnataka. The dish is so popular because it is served regularly in the temples of the south. The dish is very easy to cook and can be made in such a short time, and also can be kept for a very long time like 8 months in a refrigerator. The cuisine can be made with other dishes too like simple chapatti or roti.

Puliyagore Gojju

After the preparation of this Gojju, rice can be added to it by missing rice with some special kind of powder. You can get the recipe for that special powder online. It requires a lot of ingredients thus it will take some time. It will take up to four hours of preparation and about another forty minutes in cooking. Get the full puliyogare gojju recipe now on the internet and make your event special.

The dish is mainly made for festival purposes. It is one of the most traditional and religious recipes of South India. You will enjoy every bite of this sweet, spicy and tangy rice. You can also make gojju earlier like a week before and when you want to eat, just mix rice with it.

Here are some other most favourable dishes of Karnataka.

             Mysore Pak: This dish is the trademark dessert of Karnataka. This tasty dessert with light sugar is basically made from Bengal gram, cardamom, and ghee. The dish melts in your mouth and makes you feel on the seventh sky. It can be stored for some enough days.

             Chowchow Bath: The dish with unique name and taste. This well-known breakfast dish of Karnataka can be made very easy as well as very quickly. The dish has a perfect combination of salt and sweet taste.

             Obbatu: One of the most loved sweet dishes. It is basically made up of chana dal. This is mostly and best served with the hot milk or even ghee. Along with gojju, it is also used as Prashad in temples. 

             Jolada roti: it is a different type of roti made from rice flour. The roti can be eaten with all the vegetables. This dish is also somewhat healthy and helps the person to lose the weight.

A liberal sprinkling of peanuts, roasted Bengal gram will be great. One must try this dish once in his/her lifetime. It will surely make your taste buds feel special. You can learn very easily that how to make Puliyogare Gojju and Puliyogare rice. The recipe of the cuisine is available with the step to step instructions and also with photos. The variety of the Karnataka cuisine has influenced almost all the parts of India. Some other dishes like best-bele bath, Jolada roti, ragi roti are also well-known in India.

Give a try to this recipe and enjoy.

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