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The Kellison J6 Is The American Muscle Car You Probably Didn't Know Existed

The Kellison J6 Is The American Muscle Car You Probably Didn't Know Existed

The Kellison J6 is a avenue panther which you won't see coming due to the fact you in all likelihood won`t have the ability to inform what it's far withinside the first place. Most supercar automakers start off small, and now no longer they all grow to be turning into famend for making the quickest vehicles withinside the world. The Kellison Manufacturing Company began out out further in a small metropolis storage with massive goals of automobile stardom. After being honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force, Jim Kellison began out his personal frame and fender store earlier than subsequently operating for different vehiclemobile stores simply to make ends meet, consistent with the reputable website.

However, that did not prevent Kellison from crafting new vehicle designs with fiberglass at some point of his spare time, main to the advent of the J Series. His time on the Air Force stimulated him to base his vehicle designs at the glossy contours of jet planes. The end result turned into a package vehicle collection that placed Kellison at the map. These J Series vehicles quickly graced mag covers and have been featured in tv shows, incomes Kellison countrywide popularity withinside the process. Now, the Kellison J6 stood out because the maximum subtle vehicle withinside the collection. Not handiest turned into it the very last iteration, however it additionally got here with numerous upgrades over preceding generations as well. It's without difficulty certainly considered one among the maximum fascinating vehicles that many in all likelihood by no means heard about, however in case you assume it appears familiar, there may be an amazing cause for that.

What is a Kellison J6 Panther?

While the Kellison J6 Panther may appearance just like any other massive cat of a vehicle, as withinside the '60s Jaguar E-Type, it is clearly primarily based totally at the body and engine of a Chevrolet Corvette from the equal era. Of course, the frame itself turned into nevertheless some thing Kellison fabricated out of fiberglass himself. One of its early customers claimed that buying a J6 instantly from the automaker allowed clients to personalize it to their liking (thru Hemmings). Despite the customer choosing a manufacturing unit 1961 Corvette body as opposed to a custom-constructed drag-racing one, his 1963 Kellison J6 Panther turned into nevertheless pretty fast. How fast?

Well, a compact vehicle with fiberglass additives that weigh subsequent to not anything will probably be quick, however his precise instance turned into later outfitted with a small block Chevrolet 350 crate engine. This gave the Kellison J6 an anticipated pinnacle pace of over one hundred eighty mph. Keep in thoughts that Kellison J6s have been package vehicles, which shall we proprietors construct and personalize matters like, obviously, becoming in a larger engine. Another Kellison J6 owner — TV character Danny "The Count" Koker — turned into capable of deployation a greater current Chevy LS3 engine, as visible in this YouTube video. In that case, the Kellison J6 Panther may want to in all likelihood pass even faster. The query is, have to you also be doing that during a vehicle this is as sensitive as it's far valuable?

How a good deal is a Kellison J6 Panther worth?

Kellison J6 Panthers could have been filling up the streets and race tracks returned withinside the day, however now, they may be turning into rarer than ever, with just a few examples being offered at the market. If one does take place to reveal up, it might not come cheap. In 2018, an incomplete construct of a Kellison J6 went on the market on Craigslist (thru Barn Finds). Despite that J6 Panther being essentially a non-functioning shell of a vehicle, it nevertheless had a steep $14,000 rate tag, even in its bare-bones condition. However, in 2020, a greater latest instance turned into offered on Bring a Trailer for a whopping $64,928.

That precise version turned into a 1968 4-pace guide J6 Panther going for walks on a 306ci Chevy V8 engine. It additionally had a custom 1955 Chevrolet grille, 1965 Mustang flip signals, 1951 Studebaker windshield, and C1 Corvette taillights. Although it'd sound like a shoddy frankencar, it does channel the spirit of the relatively customizable Kellison package vehicles of its era, which comprised an eclectic array of components from numerous manufacturers. This is going to reveal that, given the proper recuperation work, custom components, and that equal competitive mind-set Kellisons are recognized for, the J6 Panther can certainly command a excessive rate.

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